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WUTS Wisdom

They say healing always happens when people, especially women, gather. Weekend Under The Stars was no different. I left feeling lighter, freer, inspired, and intrigued. Most of us don't get that in everyday life (often, anyway).

This may sound cliché, but this weekend felt like the beginning of a new chapter for almost everyone who went. I read reviews, feedback, and comments, and so far this holds true for all of them. My experience was no different.

Weekend Under The Stars was a 2-day retreat in Huntington, WVA, hosted by The Wisdom Sanctuary at Camp Mad Anthony Wayne. It was advertised as a holistic healing retreat focused on building "lifelong friendships" and more.

Needless to say, this weekend cracked me open in a whole new way. As a student, I acknowledged several areas that I wish to nurture and expand on (as per usual). As a teacher, I stepped into an entirely new role on an entirely new level. This has brought a new sense of refreshment and authority in my system that I really needed (and have been fostering for a long time now).

I share this to 1) document it for myself, and 2) it may just inspire you, or someone else you know, in case you decide to share it. Below I've listed a few of my biggest takeaways from WUTS (listed in no particular order).

  • Three words: Pelvic. Floor. Health. Something probably every person with a body needs to work on. It became a lot clearer that I am one of the MANY people who hold an incredible amount of tension, tightness, and disconnection in the pelvic floor region (an area that holds tremendous fear, shame, trauma, and stress). Bet this is something I will be working on.

  • Remember breath work!!! I had some interesting things show up in an intense breath work session. Interesting as in tingling/freezing feelings in and around the solar plexus, mouth, and throat areas. I am inspired to continue working with breath work to explore these experiences, as it is something that I have sorely allowed to fall to the wayside in my yoga practice. Breath work/pranayama is a crucial limb of yoga that is said to help us regulate our emotions. I am thankful to be reminded of its potency.

  • We have/experience "Big griefs"…(sometimes far apart, sometimes grouped together, sometimes constantly)...AND we ALL can experience constant "small/little griefs"…there is a grief spectrum and all deserve to be seen, heard, and acknowledged in the [body] system if it needs to be. The more we acknowledge our grief, the more opportunity it has to flow through.

  • Both/And....always

Lastly... some word inspiration to send you on your way. Thank you for being here.


As are you

As is your brother

As is your sister

Your mother






See more pictures and videos from the weekend on Instagram @_withinyouyoga_

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Jenn Brooks
Jenn Brooks

This is such a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for being a huge part of it and "holding grief gently." Sending love to you.

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